The world needs our help.
Our way of life isn't working

All of life is sacred. Learn how to create positive change in your life, career and business without losing what matters most to you.

The problem with change...

We believe in change, but not just any old change - we believe in change for good.

Change that works for you AND the world.

For too long we have embraced change from a single perspective,

change that is either good for "me" (my life, my relationships, my team, my business)

OR good for "we" (others, the world, social impact).

It's time to change the way we do change. We need to do both. 

We need to bridge the gap from ME to WE.

Take care of ourself, live our best life AND connect our individual changes to what the world needs now. 

We help you create lasting change that puts purpose, people, and planet in line with what matters most to YOU.

We’re talking personal, professional and social transformation.

And together, our growing community of changemakers is shaping a better future for us all.

Changing lives with over 3000+ sustainable life-giving impacts and still counting


Many of us are living in unsustainable ways and we don't realize it; we have become part of the problem. Reconnect to your soul, create a purposeful lifestyle, and enjoy a more conscious, fulfilling life.


There is a growing demand for people who can guide us through change. Unlock your potential as a Sacred Changemaker. Form deep connections with others, inspire, support, and maintain deep sustainable change.


Leading others into systemic change takes courage. Take a stand for what matters most. Become a trusted authority who creates a lasting impact through your professional career or business.

Awakening The Changemaker Within

A free 5-day program to create more meaning and purpose in your life.


What our members say

Al Spicer

CEO & Founder, Extraordinary Life

The Sacred Invitation stirred my Soul at the deepest levels. A rush of inspiration, aliveness, and clarity overcame me. This is Truth, that was made instantly available in such clear, simple, and activating terms. For me it was the definition of experiencing a ‘calling.’ It is truly sacred wisdom that is calling me forth.

Claudia Lindby

High Performance Leadership

The Sacred Invitation is like a thousand voices speaking, rising from the deep essence and the depth of time, calling me back to what I know I already knew. We are already walking this path. In the invitation, I hear how past, present, and future become one and thus open a space for us in which great and necessary solutions can arise.

our commitment

The Sacred Invitation

Watch the video below to see if our message resonates with you.


Help us to achieve our vision

Our purpose is simple, to co-create a sustainable world.

Together, we are making a real difference. 

With your help we could do even more.


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