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  • 124. The Ambition Paradox: The Invisible Business Obstacle with Tracy Yates

124. The Ambition Paradox: The Invisible Business Obstacle with Tracy Yates

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The Ambition Paradox: The Invisible Business Obstacle

Today’s guest on the podcast is Tracy Yates, a visionary, strategic growth partner, and transformational guide, propelling influential leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs, and organizations toward exponential growth. She supports innovative founders to swiftly scale and reinvent companies, empowers CEOs to elevate themselves and their high-performing teams, and guides 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs to achieve remarkable growth ranging from 200% to 300%.

With over 25 years as a Founder and CEO, Tracy has shaped the trajectory of two seven-figure companies and executed a successful exit from her award-winning eight-figure brand strategy agency innovating for Google, Amazon, Disney, Visa, Apple, and many more. She leverages her deep business acumen with training in a vast spectrum of transformational sciences for a new realm of personal and professional optimization.

In today’s conversation, Tracy shares her journey from being a CEO and founder to embracing her current work as a calling, leveraging her skills as a futurist to recognize patterns and connect the dots in the world. We dive deeply into the invisible and intangible aspects of life and business, emphasizing the importance of conscious awareness in managing energy and shifting the systems and structures within organizational life. We discuss the concept of leadership and business as a service to humanity, expanding the vision beyond profit and growth to include impacts on life and the planet.

Join us as we help you break through the ambition paradox that is the invisible obstacle to your success at all levels of organizational life. Tracy can help you explore your own unique and untapped potential as you align with the new frontiers of business and leadership.

Key Takeaways

  • Tracy’s training as a futurist supports her work in shaping the future and impacting people beyond the workplace
  • How to navigate the ambition paradox in business and leadership
  • How the unseen forces are crucial in life and business
  • Bringing our whole selves including our spiritual nature to work
  • How physics and the science of spirituality challenge perceptions in organizational life

Memorable Quote

“Business and leaders actually have a responsibility to help shape the future. I don’t really think it’s a choice.” 

Tracy Yates

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