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  • 125. Seeds Of Transformation: Sacred Changemakers Reflect on 2023 and Share Insights for 2024

125. Seeds Of Transformation: Sacred Changemakers Reflect on 2023 and Share Insights for 2024

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Seeds Of Transformation: Sacred Changemakers Reflect on 2023 and Share Insights for 2024

For our very first episode of 2024. In celebration of the New Year, I wanted to do something a little different, so I’ve invited some of our members from the Sacred Changemakers Inner Circle to join me for a deep dialogue to reflect on 2023 and share emerging insights for 2024. This is one conversation you don’t want to miss. It’s a captivating exchange of reflections, personal experiences, and visionary insights.

Our guests on the podcast today are:

Dr. Al Spicer is the CEO and founder of Extraordinary Life, Inc. We are the trusted confidant and strategic advisor for senior-level leaders. We have the conversations with them that they can’t, or don’t, with anyone else. We like to say that we are the river guide helping them navigate the turbulent intersection of where their life, leadership, and legacy meet. Typical challenges we help them solve include people problems, skewed priorities, blind spots, interpersonal skill gaps, and burnout. Learn more at www.ExtraordinaryLife.com

Angela Nesbitt is an experienced executive coach, consultant, facilitator, and mentor guiding leaders to increase their social impact while running profitable businesses. She helps clients create much-needed clarity, navigate uncertainty, and create powerful partnerships to leverage their impact. Angela supports clients through these uncertain times by making sense of their challenges, helping them prioritize, building trusting relationships, and creating high-performance teams. She also guides clients to master the different types of intelligence needed today and to evolve and redefine their leadership style for the world that is emerging. She is passionate about sailing, tango, and gardening in her spare time. http://angelanesbitt.com/

David Wetton helps leaders reach the fulfillment and success they aspire to through conscious leadership. He empowers leaders to strike the perfect balance between their inner spiritual expression and outer business ambition. The leadership teams he works with report an increase in trust and collaboration, a growth in collective emotional intelligence, and a commitment to taking a stand for social impact, alongside delivering excellent financial results. David holds an MBA from Warwick Business School and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with EY. He is also an ordained UK interfaith minister and spiritual counselor, meaning he’s committed to holding a safe, heartfelt, compassionate space for all he works with. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dwetton

Jo Meadwell brings Ancient Wisdom into today’s leadership; She invites Leaders to access, trust, and lead from their intuition. Jo is best known as Executive Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Author, Speaker, and Sacred Changemaker for her groundbreaking work in Values-Based Leadership. In her 30 years of service in this field, she has facilitated the transformation of thousands of leaders and their teams. Jo pioneered the Coaching Industry in the UAE, training Professional Coaches and working with Senior Leaders in the Region. Jo’s book ‘The Restless Executive’ – Reclaim Your Values, Love What You Do and Lead with Purpose is a timeless classic (available under Jo Simpson). All of the above has prepared Jo for her Sacred Change Work that will support the transition of Conscious Leaders to align with New Earth Wisdom and Initiatives needed for these times. www.jomeadwell.com

Anna Stephanie Munoz has more than 15 years of global corporate experience, and along the path of personal development, she has learned to master the mind and emotions by deepening self-knowledge. Her company is called ‘Excede tu Potencial’. Over the years, Anna has helped more than 2,000 people and more than 20 companies radically change their lives, allowing them to live fully, far from the negative effects of stress. I wrote my first book and conducted more than 5,000 hours of in-person and virtual training, membership, presentations, retreats, 1:1, and team coaching. She has generated over 20,000 followers on social media and achieved more than 2,500 impacts with my clients in different sustainable development projects to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and address climate change by 2030. https://excedetupotencial.com/

Our conversation begins with a deep exploration of the energetic and emotional landscape as we transition from a year of contemplation into an era of action represented by the wood dragon in Chinese astrology. Our guests share their profound realizations, experiences, and perspectives on embracing masculine and feminine energies in their personal and professional lives. This leads us to profound discussions on neuroscience, the interconnectedness of the heart, gut, and mind, and a shift in consciousness from 3D to 5D. As the dialogue progresses, we discuss our individual insights on the integration of masculine and feminine, the significance of emotional and spiritual intelligence, and the impact of technological advancements on our human experience. Our guests share their wisdom on aligning with a sacred way of living, the importance of agency and personal choice, and the need to embrace disruptive changes in 2024.

With its rich tapestry of conversations touching on personal growth, societal shifts in the world economy, and the potential of robotics, AI/cryptocurrency, this episode offers profound insights that will inspire and guide us as we navigate the transformative landscape of the coming year. Join us on this journey of introspection, visionary wisdom, and personal empowerment as we explore the seeds of transformation with the Sacred Changemakers.

Key Takeaways

  • How we’re adapting to discomfort in the rapidly changing world
  • The rebalancing of the masculine and feminine and its impact on life and business
  • The emerging importance of spirituality and indigenous wisdom
  • Navigating death, grief, loss, and the mental health crisis
  • Insights for 2024 and creating meaningful responses to change personally and professionally

Memorable Quote

“There’s this deeper inner spiritual connection. What is it all about? What does it really mean for us individually? And as a species, as human beings, what are we emerging into? I think it’s a really key question to be wrestled with, and in all of that, there is this huge disruption at multiple levels, which is challenging for us as human beings.” 

Al Spicer

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