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126. Strategic Storytelling For Changemakers with Kyle Gray

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126. Strategic Storytelling For Changemakers

Our guest on the podcast today is Kyle Gray, a world-class presentation coach, story strategist, and author who helps coaches, startups, and executives use storytelling to better communicate their unique value, and improve sales with their audience. He combines timeless storytelling with cutting-edge marketing to ensure you’ve got the right story to tell while presenting, on a sales call, or in conversation, both online and offline.

Kyle takes us on a journey into the connection between storytelling, perception, and the body, sharing some of his techniques for creating empowering narratives, those with the potential to move people, rather than just the usual transactional stories many people tell especially in business. He highlights the importance of focusing your stories on customers and understanding their struggles so you can speak to them in ways they can hear, and know viscerally that you understand them.

Join us as we explore the role of authentic storytelling in sales, the future impact of AI, and the importance of reclaiming humanity in the age of technology. Kyle shares actionable strategies to get you started finding your origin and teaching stories, giving you insights that will inspire change and empower you to create a bigger impact in your world

Key Takeaways

  • Kyle’s struggle with health following a trip to Peru catalyzed a deep transformation
  • How biology impacts mindset and personal stories
  • The steps to take to craft emotional experiences and authentic stories
  • How to change your thinking about problems so you can inspire change
  • How AI accelerates human potential through co-creation

Memorable Quote

“Storytelling is not just about when you can get on stage to make an impact with your listeners. But that same story, if you understand it, if you clarify it in a way that really inspires you and brings forward all of the beauty and brilliance that you know is inside of you, it changes how you show up in the world.”

Kyle Gray

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