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  • 128. Cosmic Compass 2024: Astrology & Chinese Wood Dragon Insights with Davina Mackail

128. Cosmic Compass 2024: Astrology & Chinese Wood Dragon Insights with Davina Mackail

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128. Cosmic Compass 2024: Astrology & Chinese Wood Dragon Insights

In today’s episode, we are joined by the remarkable Davina Mackail as she shares her profound wisdom and unique perspectives on the pivotal year of 2024, astrology, and Chinese wood dragon symbolism.

Davina Mackail is a Wisdom Walker in dialogue with Nature. Hay House, author of Feng Shui Made Easy, and The Dream Whisperer, Shamanic Elder, Mentor, and Teacher, Feng Shui Maestra, Davina, inspire miracles of positive transformation in people’s lives from the application of Feng Shui and shamanic principles. A popular workshop leader and speaker, she offers her infamous Wisdom that Works shamanic consultations to thousands of clients all over the world. She recently returned to the UK after living deep in the Peruvian Amazon, caretaking 47 hectares of rainforest.

Listen in as Davina explains the significance of collaborative change, the power of relationships, and the urgent need for a systemic shift to address societal issues. Her insights highlight the impact of Pluto’s movement into Aquarius, the potential dark side of technological advancements, and the role of individual agency in embodying frequency shifts to navigate through revolutionary changes.

As the conversation unfolds, Davina shares profound wisdom from her experiences, emphasizing the importance of embracing death, fostering kind, ethical conversations, and acting with love as the fuel for power. Together, we explore the vision of living collaboratively and sustainably and call for bravery in speaking out for a better world for future generations.

This compelling conversation resonates with the essence of breaking through the illusions we live within through kindness, collaboration, and cooperation, ultimately inspiring us all to become agents of positive change in the world.

  • Davina’s insights and vision for a better future, the significance of 2024 for planting seeds of change
  • The age of Aquarius and the myth of dragons
  • The power of the heart in the post-truth era
  • How we build coherent systems for a more fair and just society
  • Uncover the wisdom of ancient cultures and the potential for individual agency to spark systemic change.

Memorable Quote

“We need to give mastery back to the heart because this is the difference between the conscious and unconscious mind. When we come back to the mastery of the heart, we come back to our inner wisdom, our inner truth.”

Davina Mackail

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