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  • 129. Beyond Success: Psychedelics as a Pathway to Profound Personal Growth with Austin Mao

129. Beyond Success: Psychedelics as a Pathway to Profound Personal Growth with Austin Mao

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129. Beyond Success: Psychedelics as a Pathway to Profound Personal Growth with Austin Mao

Today’s guest on the podcast is Austin Mao, an entrepreneur, author, poet, and keynote speaker on the intersection of science and spirituality, psychology, and shamanism. He is a co-founder of Ceremonia, a non-profit psychedelic church facilitating change makers and creators through what 96% of alumni share as the most profound experience of their lives. He has guided more than 400 founders, including Fortune 500 executives, Silicon Valley Unicorn founders, and major blockchain leaders, through their transformation towards living a life of inspired creativity, purpose, and peace.

In today’s episode, we dive into a deep conversation about the transformative power of psychedelics as a catalyst for profound personal growth. Austin shares his deeply personal journey of shedding societal definitions of success and embarking on a path to find true happiness and joy, leading him from entrepreneurship to becoming a psychedelic facilitator after a life-altering experience.

Together, we explore the neuroscience, psychology, and spiritual dimensions of psychedelic experiences, highlighting their potential for deep healing and connection. With insights into the history and resurgence of psychedelics, as well as the importance of integration and community, this episode offers a compelling exploration of how psychedelics can pave the way for personal and professional fulfillment, leaving listeners inspired to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and transformation.

From the impact of psychedelics on the default mode network in the brain to the protective inner parts of Internal Family Systems, we consider the potential role of psychedelics in redefining success and reuniting the world; this episode presents a thought-provoking exploration into the intersections of neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality. With heartfelt moments of gratitude and vulnerability, this dialogue offers a rich tapestry of insights and experiences, inviting listeners to embrace new perspectives and embark on their own paths of profound personal growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Austin’s perspective on redefining success based on personal fulfillment rather than societal standards
  • The impact of internal states on external outcomes
  • How to select a psychedelic facilitator for safety and empowerment
  • Potential harm and influence of psychedelics in spiritual contexts
  • Neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality levels of how psychedelics work
  • Becoming a role model for others in service of true equality
  • Austin’s vision for the future of psychedelic facilitation

Memorable Quote

“The number one component for a positive psychedelic experience is safety. And the best ingredient for safety is self-empowerment.”

Austin Mao

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