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  • 132. The Soulful Path To A Beautiful Business with Steven Morris

132. The Soulful Path To A Beautiful Business with Steven Morris

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132. The Soulful Path To A Beautiful Business with Steven Morris

Our guest on the podcast today is Steven Morris, an ever-curious life-seeker, brand, and culture-building expert and author of “The Beautiful Business.” With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, he has served as a trusted advisor to over 3,000 business leaders and evolved over 250 brands and cultures, including giants like Google, Habitat for Humanity, and Disney. His book, “The Beautiful Business,” and his widely read blog testify to his consulting expertise in creating unignorable, magnetic, and sustainable companies. His diverse interests, including meditation, fine art painting, surfing, and beekeeping, infuse his work with creativity, soul, and a deep understanding of the human experience.

In today’s episode, we explore many different themes that weave together the intersection of spirituality, innovation, and sustainability in the context of life and business. Steven makes the profound case that artistry and soul aren’t just personal pursuits; they’re the bedrock of a genuinely vibrant workplace. We address how these core values shape individuals’ and companies’ decisions and trajectories. Through a rich and vibrant dialogue, Steven shows us the path to redefining success to encapsulate well-being, environmental integrity, customer contentment, and community impact.

We discuss the realms of human artistry and their alignment with beautiful business and, in doing so, discover the transformative potential of leadership and culture that organically emerge from this mindset. We’ll learn about approaching business with a reverent heart, embracing unseen forces, and nurturing reciprocity in relationships while fostering a sense of connection, belonging, and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Steven guides us through the ‘three main doors’ of entry to organizational evolution, highlighting how these elements are all needed for authentic, sustainable transformation. This deep conversation captured Steven’s passion for his work, awakening businesses to cultivate and express a better, more human future, making a compelling case for embracing human artistry and imagination to forge business as a force of good in the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover what makes a business “beautiful.”
  • How to navigate the unseen forces shaping business and performance
  • The power of healing trauma and somatic experiencing in business
  • Expanding success metrics beyond profits
  • Explore culture, strategy, and brand as critical, interwoven aspects of effective organizational development.

Memorable Quote

“If we only do the upfront work, whatever that upfront work is, and we don’t integrate it, and create wholeness within the organization, not just for the individuals, but for the team, then the likelihood of this strategy or initiative growing roots over a period of time – it’s not going to happen.”

Steven Morris

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