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  • 133. Sacred Duty: The Role Of Spirituality In The Workplace

133. Sacred Duty: The Role Of Spirituality In The Workplace

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133. Sacred Duty: The Role Of Spirituality In The Workplace

Today’s episode is a little different as I am not just talking with one guest but with a roundtable of 6 guests who are all members of our inner circle and thought leaders in their own right. We’ve chosen a conversation that we hope will help you expand your mindset and perhaps rethink the role of business and what is possible in today’s modern world.

Our guests on the podcast today are:

Lynn Rousseau is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur, as well as the CEO and founder of The Conscious Leader, a boutique coaching and consulting company dedicated to raising the conscious awareness of every leader to support intentional, conscious leadership that creates cohesive teams, fulfilling workplaces, successful organizations, and connected communities worldwide. Our specialty is individual and team leadership development for senior executives.  We work with a diverse range of high-growth companies, from technology to established financial institutions, and are focused on developing the CEO and their leadership team.  We help leaders leverage their strengths and transform unproductive habits into new practices that support unparalleled individual, team, and organizational growth. https://theconsciousleader.com/

Dr. Al Spicer is the CEO and founder of Extraordinary Life, Inc. We are the trusted confidant and strategic advisor for senior-level leaders. We have the conversations with them that they can’t, or don’t, with anyone else. We like to say that we are the river guide helping them navigate the turbulent intersection of where their life, leadership, and legacy meet. Typical challenges we help them solve include people problems, skewed priorities, blind spots, interpersonal skill gaps, and burnout. Learn more at www.ExtraordinaryLife.com

Tess Cox is the founder of Tess Cox & Associates and an Executive Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Speaker. She specializes in leadership coaching and assists global clients across sectors, including agribusiness, tech, healthcare, hospitality, and more. Her process emphasizes self-awareness, aligning with personal values and purpose, and mastering communication. TC&A has helped many achieve lasting transformation with life-changing outcomes, instilling new mindsets and behaviors for better leadership and personal growth. I’ve authored several books, including “The Leadership Blueprint,” designed to guide individuals in architecting fulfilling careers and lives. http://www.tesscoxandassociates.com

Crina Ancuta is an Executive coach and co-author of ONE – Your Compass to Living Your One Life to the Fullest. Crina guides business leaders through organizational crises, supporting them to navigate business turnarounds and restructurings with humanity and integrity, to build heart-centered foundations for sustainable growth, and to create a long-lasting legacy they can be proud to leave behind as they live conscious, rewarding personal lives.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/crinaancuta/

Jo Meadwell brings Ancient Wisdom into today’s leadership; She invites Leaders to access, trust, and lead from their intuition. Jo is best known as Executive Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Author, Speaker, and Sacred Changemaker for her groundbreaking work in Values-Based Leadership. In her 30 years of service in this field, she has facilitated the transformation of thousands of leaders and their teams. Jo pioneered the Coaching Industry in the UAE, training Professional Coaches and working with Senior Leaders in the Region. Jo’s book ‘The Restless Executive’ – Reclaim Your Values, Love What You Do and Lead with Purpose is a timeless classic (available under Jo Simpson). All of the above has prepared Jo for her Sacred Change Work that will support the transition of Conscious Leaders to align with New Earth Wisdom and Initiatives needed for these times. www.jomeadwell.com

Angela Nesbitt is an experienced executive coach, consultant, facilitator, and mentor guiding leaders to increase their social impact while running profitable businesses. She helps clients create much-needed clarity, navigate uncertainty, and create powerful partnerships to leverage their impact. Angela supports clients through these uncertain times by making sense of their challenges, helping them prioritize, building trusting relationships, and creating high-performance teams. She also guides clients to master the different types of intelligence needed today and to evolve and redefine their leadership style for the emerging new world. She is passionate about sailing, tango, and gardening in her spare time. http://angelanesbitt.com/

Our conversation begins with why this is such an important topic in today’s world of business; we speak to the intersection of spirituality, intuition, and leadership within the workspace. Throughout this roundtable, we explore the sacred dimensions of our broader responsibilities as business leaders and ask the question, what if profit were not #1 but the number 2 priority for business? We explore how the evolution of the market is creating customers and employees who are demanding more meaning from business,  a more authentic approach to leadership, and the benefits of nurturing deep, meaningful connections in life and work. We consider how shifts in consumer and workforce attitudes are prompting businesses to adapt to a more spiritual, interconnected approach to success.

Join us as we share personal experiences and tap into neuroscience research to highlight the need for developing new neural pathways that support intuition in the world of business. We also grapple with the paradoxes and resistance faced when spirituality meets the corporate world. There’s so much more in this episode as we discuss the collective urge to redefine leadership in the post-pandemic era. This is a conversation not to be missed for those who envisage a business world steeped in connection, compassion, and sacred duty.

Key Takeaways

  • How business can adapt to prioritize values, ethics, connectedness, and human flourishing without compromising financial performance
  • A reflection on the internal and external shifts in society
  • The emerging need for businesses to transition from prioritizing profit to operating as communities that serve humanity and the planet
  • The role of intuition in business decision-making
  • Practical insights into the potential challenges of intertwining spirituality and business

Memorable Quote

“If you are privileged to be a leader, it is not about you. You have a duty to think about what you are giving back and to whom”

Crina Ancuta

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