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134. Storytelling For A Better World with Tamika Bickham

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134. Storytelling For A Better World with Tamika Bickham

Today our guest on the podcast is Tamika Bickham, an award-winning broadcast journalist and creative director, touting over 15 years in front of and behind the camera. With a track record of hosting and reporting over 3,000 hours of live broadcast TV, and producing/directing over 2,500 videos, Tamika’s expertise is undeniable. As the Founder and CEO of TB Media Group, she leads a nonfiction video production studio specializing in crafting long-form, documentary-style content for CSR leaders. Tamika’s talent for distilling complex information into engaging, clear, concise visual stories has garnered her recognition, including the ABBY for Best Feature in Journalism and multiple Hermes Creative Awards.

Tamika is a passionate storyteller and an advocate for a better world. She shares her journey from traditional news to founding TB Media, a platform dedicated to authentic and purposeful storytelling for good. We discuss how storytelling can create connections, inspire action, and influence policy changes toward a more equal and connected society. Tamika emphasizes the importance of sharing authentic and honest stories that elevate mental health and well-being and foster community. From the role of storytellers in media and the pitfalls of the 24-hour news cycle to the quest for authentic content in the digital age, we’ll discuss the responsibilities of being a changemaker in the storytelling world.

This conversation is not just about the power of narratives to move people emotionally but also to move them into action, for you as our listener to recognize the value of your own voices and the stories you carry. So join us as we unpack these insights and look at how small businesses and change-makers can harness storytelling to inspire emotion and meaningful change. It’s an episode that challenges us to rethink the stories we consume, create, and share for a better world.

Key Takeaways

  • How storytelling connects people and amplifies social impact.
  • How honest stories can show us what it means to be human sharing compassion and kindness
  • The challenges of big media and its emphasis on ratings lead to sensational coverage.
  • How to share stories that move people into action
  • How to be authentic in telling diverse, connected stories that can amplify your social impact message

Memorable Quote

“I think most journalists get into the media, not just because we wanna be on TV or because we wanna be a public figure, but because we understand and value the importance of giving voice to those who are voiceless and the power that comes with telling real-life stories.”

Tamika Bickham

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