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137. To B Or Not To B – Is B-Corp The Future Of Your Business with Tim Jones

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To B Or Not To B – Is B-Corp The Future Of Your Business? with Tim Jones

Our guest on the podcast today is  Tim Jones, also known as That B Corp Bloke. Tim is the CEO, Founder, and B Consultant at Grow Good, a global consulting firm specializing in helping businesses simplify and fast-track the path to B Corp Certification.

Our conversation highlights Tim’s journey to find meaning and joy in his life. His path to self-discovery was profoundly influenced by a series of massive earthquakes in his hometown, which, as you will hear, led to a significant subconscious awakening and a realigning of his professional career.

We discuss his life experiences, including the unethical practices that catalyzed his departure from the medical device industry and the existential crisis that realigned his life toward meaningful impact and sustainability. Tim unpacks the rigorous B Corp certification process, its benefits, and challenges and offers invaluable advice for businesses considering this path.

Join us as Tim envisions a future where every human thrives in harmony with the planet; we explore the intersection of purpose, meaning, and impact in business and provide actionable steps for companies aspiring to make a positive difference in the world. Don’t miss this inspiring episode filled with wisdom, practical insights, and a heartfelt call to action for all changemakers.

Key Takeaways

  • Tim’s life journey shaped his work toward a new way of doing business
  • How to navigate the path to becoming a B-Corp, the benefits and challenges
  • What to do to prepare well for the B-Corp Assessment
  • The historical and philosophical reflections on business
  • How to take steps toward purpose and profit, to make a bigger impact

Memorable Quote

“If we can demonstrate that B corps outperform business as usual, which we can. That evidence is now coming in every year overwhelmingly. B corps are outperforming business across all metrics.”

Kbitim Jones

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