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138. Your Hero’s Journey To Wholeness with Ben Katt

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Your Hero’s Journey To Wholeness with Ben Katt

Welcome to another enriching episode of Sacred Changemakers. Today, we journey into the depths of inner practices and community building with our special guest, Ben Katt.

Ben is a meditation teacher, transformation coach, and speaker. He is the author of ‘The Way Home: Discovering the Hero’s Journey to Wholeness at Midlife’, a book that helps guide people on their inner journey, in transition, and at midlife. Ben helps people develop vibrant inner lives to experience greater fulfillment, purpose, and connection in life, work, and relationships. He was an ordained minister for over a decade, teaches meditation in prison, and volunteers as a hospice companion. He lives in Milwaukee, WI, with his wife and three children.

Join me as I uncover Ben’s profound wisdom from his experiences as a hospice companion, chaplain, and meditator working with prison inmates. We dive deeply into many threads that are alive for us as sacred changemakers, from a quest for wholeness to discussing the importance of facing our own mortality, shedding life’s protective masks, and embracing midlife transitions not as a crisis but as an exciting call to adventure.

Ben shares his personal story of reconnection and the small daily practices that have guided him toward authenticity and inner stillness. You will hear how his integrative approach merges spiritual principles with coaching and how meditation transforms lives in state prisons. This episode promises to guide you on your path to wholeness, offering practical insights and inspiring stories to help you reconnect with your true self. So, tune in, and be prepared to embark on your hero’s journey to wholeness.

Key Takeaways

  • Ben’s experiences of feeling burnt out, losing his identity, and seeking purpose
  • How to create small daily practices for healing
  • The significance of your inner stillness guiding choices in business and life
  • The impact of teaching meditation and restorative justice in prisons
  • Facing mortality and assisting in the end-of-life process

Memorable Quote

“The most important thing we can do is access the true self, the stillness within. Beneath all the layers there’s this calm, steady, stillness. It lies at the center between striving and squandering”

Ben Katt

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