Episode #16 Awakening Ourselves, Our Relationships and Broader Community

Our guest on the Sacred Changemakers podcast this week is Catherine Bell. Catherine is an award-winning Profit 500 entrepreneur and the best selling author of The Awakened Company. Catherine blends wisdom traditions, practical know-how, and business research to create an alchemical business recipe. She has an MBA from Queen’s University, a Sociology degree from Western, is Riso Hudson Enneagram Certified, and a yoga instructor. 

Listen in as we go deep into the very heart of awakening. Catherine asks us to consider some profound questions that can shape our lives and our businesses, how she finally got Eckhart Tolle’s publisher to say “yes” to publishing her book The Awakened Company, how her work is reshaping corporate life as we know it and how this unprecedented time in human history is inviting us into a sacred moment to integrate, reflect and decide for ourselves what kind of world we want to live within. This was a deeply profound conversation, that I felt honored to be a part of - I hope you get the goosebumps listening, as much as I did when recording!

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