Episode #19 Becoming Intentional In Life And Work Brings A Healing Presence

Becoming Intentional In Life And Work Brings A Healing Presence

Our guest on the podcast this week is Tess Cox. Tess is the principal of TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC, a leadership coaching, consulting and training organization specializing in being “The Leader of Yourself…FIRST.” As an author of two books, “The Leadership Blueprint - Becoming the Architect of Your Life and Work” and “The Family Strong Blueprint - "Tools of Engagement for Parent and Teens,” Tess’ methodology is to create and build deeper meaning and connection within our personal and professional relationships. Tess is a graduate of Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA. Her greatest JOY is her family

Listen in as we talk about how Tess liberated herself from her childhood experiences, which naturally led to her living life in a way that is constantly healing, and this took her to working with leaders on the 5 C’s. Tess also speaks to the importance of staying connected to yourself and others, and how family can be a place where we can truly feel connected plus her work supporting women with Single Mother’s Outreach.

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