Episode #25 Exploring Human Diversity And Social Justice with Jennifer Brown, Dr Terry Maltbia, Indrani Goradia, and Angelo John Lewis

Exploring Human Diversity And Social Justice

In today’s episode we will be discussing “Exploring Human Diversity And Social Justice” with four incredible people, who each have a unique and diverse perspective for us to consider. Join Jennifer Brown, Dr Terrence Maltbia, Indrani Goradia and Angelo John Lewis as we take a deep dive into this timely topic.

We actually have 4 esteemed guests with us in roundtable today:

Jennifer Brown is an award-winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker and diversity and inclusion expert. She is the Founder and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC), a strategic leadership and diversity consulting firm that coaches business leaders worldwide on critical issues of talent and workplace strategy. She is a passionate advocate for social equality and helps businesses foster healthier, more productive workplace cultures, she has written 2 books Inclusion: Diversity, the new workplace and the will to change and How to be an inclusive leader.

Dr Terry Maltbia is an Associate Professor of Practice for Adult Learning & Leadership Programs in the Department of Organization and Leadership at Columbia University and Faculty Director of The Columbia Coaching Certification Program. Since joining TC in 2006, he has become internationally recognized as a scholar-practitioner in strategic learning; executive and organizational coaching; global leadership development; emotional, social and cultural intelligence. He spent 25 years various roles in Corporate and Consulting prior to Columbia - Welcome Terry.

Indrani Goradia  is a native daughter of Trinidad and Tobago who survived childhood abuse.  She is a warrior, in-demand speaker, a noted advocate, activist, philanthropist and the founder of RAFTcares, a non-profit dedicated to empowering advocates of domestic and sexual violence shelters to honor themselves and combat compassion fatigue.

Angelo John Lewis is the Director of the Sacred Inclusion Network, the originator of the Dialogue Circle MethodTM, and the author of Notes for a New Age. He is also a coach, consultant, and organization development practitioner whose clients have included Verizon, The Rockefeller Foundation, Princeton University, and the U. S. Department of Commerce.

Listen in to our brave conversation as we unpack the complexity inherent in our conversation topic, discussing diversity, inclusion, white privilege and social justice from our own personal experience and in our professional work in the world. We explore the critical issues that are being spotlighted particularly within the US, and also in many western countries. We don’t leave any stone unturned as we challenge each other with questions that we’re feeling our way into like “What does inclusion really mean?” to micro-aggressions that often remain hidden from view.

Get ready for a vibrant and thoughtful conversation to help you expand your capacity to challenge yourself in this context, regardless of how you identify.

For me, this was a conversation I felt a little apprehensive about opening, you will hear me speak to shame, and yet it turned out to be deeply thought provoking and certainly expanded my capacity in this area.

A huge thank you to my guests!

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