Episode #30 Be Yourself, make a bigger difference with William Brown

Be Yourself, make a bigger difference 

Our guest on the podcast this week William Brown.

William is a Business Life Coach, Speaker and Author who helps Solopreneurs and future Entrepreneurs gain an actionable awareness of themselves so that they can show up authentic in their work, their relationship and for themselves. He is currently taking a stand with his “Everything Is Possible Project” transforming the way we look at ourselves, our governance and our relationship to each other and the world.

Listen in as we explore how William got to a point where he realized he was living somebody else’s life, living within the labels he had been given and lost himself in the process. He then began seeking answers to the question “Who am I?” Which he describes as both an introduction and a homecoming. His work has now shifted to embrace a larger perspective as he helps others to to become whole and also to understand that when you are being yourself, everything is possible.

We had a deep-dive conversation that will walk you through how to reconnect to yourself and then build a bridge of awareness to what the world needs from you.

I think you’ll enjoy William’s unique perspective and get some insights you can apply to your own life. Enjoy!

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