Episode #42 Sink or swim? Experiencing life through different lenses

Sink or swim? Experiencing life through different lenses

We have 2 guests on the podcast this week Pamela and Olivia Sain, an incredible mother daughter team who have been doing some deep work together. As individuals they are pretty amazing too, so let me introduce you.

Pamela is Olivia’s mom and her wisdom makes her the perfect advocate and educator for women everywhere. Her story of repeated loss and care giving is one that resonates today.  Not only did Pamela learn how to thrive after loss; she went on to becoming a pioneer in philanthropy. As a board member of the Cancer Institute at Advent Health Orlando, Pamela became the face for raising awareness for Esophageal Cancer. She has helped them get new technology, that offers a breakthrough for early detection in Esophageal Cancer.  - Welcome Pamela

Olivia Sain is a therapeutic storyteller, speaker, mental health advocate and bestselling author of Liv To Tell. Her life story makes her the perfect advocate, educator, and influencer for those who are looking for a way out of their own misery. Her struggles through repeated loss, failing out of college, and a myriad of diagnoses resonate with people. Liv has overcome so many obstacles in her life, to find her voice as a motivational speaker. She is also the founder of LGBTQ support group The Butterfly Talks in Orlando, Fla.

Listen in as we talk through some very challenging topics, from grief and loss, to addiction and suicide. It was really humbling to hear Olivia’s experience of coming to place in her life where she thought the only way she could be happy was to die, to rest in peace. She shares with a raw vulnerability that tugs at the heart strings. We also get to hear from Pamela, her mom about the emotional pain and anxiety of seeing her daughter suffering and trying to support her, to help her through. After experiencing her own grief, she put her own needs aside to try to save her daughter. For any listeners who have any experience of this, you will know how challenging it can be to try to connect with those who are in such a dark place. Olivia and Pamela’s story is completely awe-inspiring and includes so many insights for all of us, how easy it is for us to find ourselves in unexpected places, how we might try to cope by becoming invisible, how important our relationships are and ultimately what it means to be human in today’s modern world.

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