Episode #45 The Path To An Anti-Racist Society Through Love, Compassion, and Trust In A Power Greater Than Ourselves with Birungi Ives

The Path To An Anti-Racist Society Through Love, Compassion, and Trust In A Power Greater Than Ourselves with Birungi Ives

Our guest on the podcast this week is  Birungi Ives.

With over 20 years of experience, Birungi is a branding, marketing, PR, and diversity professional. She brings to ALIGNE Academy the highest level of expertise, global experience, and established relationships with internationally renowned brands. It is through years of recognizing synergies amongst these relationships that she developed the marketing strategy, BRAND ALIGNMENT.

As founder of ALIGNE Consulting, Birungi consults senior executives, C-suite leadership, and founders of Fortune 500 companies at Entertainment Studios, Celebrity Foundations/Non-Profits, Multi-national Corporations, and NGO’s in the development of corporate communications, diversity, and marketing strategies. - Welcome Birungi

Listen in as we discuss what it means to be a person of color in the US today, and how Birungi’s experiences in life, have shaped her work in the world. You will hear Birungi talk with a deep-seated passion as she describes her work dismantling racism, how it begins and ends with trust.

Trusting ourselves first so we can be vulnerable with others despite our differences, trusting others so we can be seen and heard, and collectively redefine what it means to be human. Birungi speaks with compassion as she describes the inherent challenges in this work and how it is a moral imperative for us all to overcome our fears and create equality for all.

This was an energizing conversation for me, you will hear us challenge each other with grace and deep trust, and I came away with some core insights about myself and my own relationship to this important work. I think this is one you’re going to really enjoy!

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