Episode #46 | Beyond 2020 what does the future hold? with Jayne Warrilow and The Sacred Changemakers Advisory Board

Beyond 2020: what does the future hold?

In today’s episode, we will be discussing “Beyond 2020 - What Does The Future Hold?” with seven incredible changemakers, who each have a unique perspective for us to consider. Join Al Spicer, Orla Scott, Runa Bouius, Claudia Lindby, David Wetton, Amina Eperjesi, and Nick Warrilow as we take a deep dive into this timely topic.

Here’s some background on the guests with us in roundtable today:

Dr. Al Spicer, - Dr. Al Spicer, founder & CEO of Extraordinary Life, Inc, honed a vision of achievement and contribution that is possible when people harness their leadership power, align with their life purpose, and live from the conviction of their legacy. Our focus is helping senior-level leaders expand their leadership acumen and operate from their potential, one that is aligned with their LIFE, LEADERSHIP, and LEGACY.

Amina Eperjesi - Amina partners with leaders and coaches through coaching and supervision to create sustainable relations in work and in life.

Orla Scott - Orla Scott specializes in organizational development, strategic leadership, and transformational change for teams, leaders, and individuals. Having worked at senior levels across financial services and not-for-profit organizations, Orla understands the importance of encouraging a strong culture that unlocks lasting solutions and higher engagement. She believes that by partnering with businesses and challenging the status quo, that together, individuals can unlock unique insights into complex issues and increase performance, saving both time and money.

David Wetton - helps conscious leaders grow themselves and develop purpose-led high performing teams through 1.1 coaching and tailored leadership programs.

Runa Bouius - Rúna is the Founder of the True Power Institute, Bestselling Author & Conscious Leadership Influencer Helping CEOs & C-Suite Leaders on Their Journey to Personal Power & Greater Impact.

Claudia Lindby - Sourcing from more than a decade of leadership experience in international business, and from deep insight into what it means to be human, Claudia Lindby assists leaders in getting to the next level of performance by letting our natural potential unfold.

Nick Warrilow - Nick is the founder of the Lead Flow pro marketing agency working with coaches to help them fulfill their potential online. He is a nationally recognized Social Media authority serving businesses at all levels to increase their SEO, social impact, and customer base.

Listen in to our thought-provoking conversation as we discuss our experience of 2020, the lessons learned and the unexpected benefits in both our personal and professional lives. We talk about the global pause, the impact of the pandemic, and how it has impacted us in so many different ways. We talk about the world being broken open, and the unexpected rise of innovation, creativity, and community.

Despite it being such an incredibly challenging year all of our panelists are feeling excited about the future, they sense the unity, the coming together in more agile ways, and how we’re learning how simple life can be. Maybe we’re returning to simpler ways? We discussed our responsibility as humans and also as coaches to create a new world, and how now is our time to redefine the “sacred” as we claim our soul work in the world.

This was a truly cross-cultural conversation and surprising how our experiences on different continents resonated so much with all our panelists. This was a deeply moving conversation for me, one to reflect upon in the days ahead. An enormously insightful and entertaining conversation - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! A huge, heartfelt thank you to my guests!

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