Episode #55 The Presence To Lead A Significant Life with Richard Rierson

 Lead A Significant Life

ur guest on the podcast this week is Richard Rierson, a leadership expert known for his highly-rated podcast Dose of Leadership and his ability to transform individuals and cultures. Richard has over 25 years of professional leadership service as a USMC Officer, Corporate Executive, Professional Aviator, & Entrepreneur. He’s the host of the top-ranked business Podcast & radio show "Dose of Leadership", a show of over 450 inspiring interviews with high-quality leaders & personalities such as Steve Forbes, Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, FedEx CEO Fred Smith, Pittsburgh Steeler Coach Bill Cowher, and actor Matthew McConaughey just to name a few. The podcast has been downloaded over 5.5-million times in over 146 countries across the globe and has been named by Fortune, Business Insider, & INC Magazine as a “Top-10 Business Podcast”. Richard served ten years active duty as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps and ten years part-time with the Kansas Air National Guard & Air Force Reserve.

Today, he shares his unique perspective on what it takes to lead a significant life, the presence principles, and the 3 keys of transformation. Richard has a unique background, after serving in the military and being a professional aviator, he has been a student of leadership for most of his life - we discussed the insights he has gained from his own life’s journey and from speaking to over 450 thought leaders on his podcast, the diverse perspectives, and how it has changed his own life and understanding of leadership in the process.

Key Takeaways

  • Dragon slaying
  • How his definition of success has changed as he has followed his passion for leadership and carved his own path
  • The 4 C’s of Transformational Leadership and the 3 Transformational Keys
  • What love has to do with leadership (yes, really!)

Memorable Quote

“The world needs a handful of composed, confident, consistent and courageous and authentic transparent, vulnerable warriors… and we can't wait around for people with positions and titles to step up and do it. We all need to step up and do those things.” - Richard Rierson

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