Episode #74: From Burnout To Thriving with Laura Hartley

From Burnout To Thriving with Laura Hartley

Our guest on the podcast this week is Laura Hartley, an activist, writer & coach. She runs an online school for changemakers & activists to end burnout, begin the inner work of system change, and create the conditions for social healing & collective thriving. 

Today Laura shares her own real-life wisdom around personal healing, and asks the question “how do we create healing on a personal level?” Laura speaks with a focused passion about how the body stores pain, trauma, and stress and how it speaks to us using the language of feelings and sensations, often in ways that can be challenging to put into words. She talks about how healing naturally emerges from truth-telling, getting real and honest with yourself and others. How the body says “no”.

Listen in as we talk through how the path from burnout to thriving is not just something that exists in the realm of the individual but also at a collective level, in fact, this is a key aspect of Laura’s work, particularly for changemakers… for us to ask ourselves “How do those external systems, exist within me?” since our future is calling for us to breakdown the patterns inherent in our collective structures. Burnout is not only an individual challenge it is emergent from the systems and structures we have constructed, meaning we have to change if we truly want to change.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted (and honestly who hasn’t?) then I encourage you to listen to this deeply resonant dialogue for insights. I suspect you’ll enjoy Laura's perspective on what needs to happen for us all to take the steps from burnout to thriving. I suspect you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • How Laura’s life journey has brought her to working in this field of burnout, resilience, and what it means to truly thrive in today’s world.
  • How to begin to notice the signs of burnout in your own life
  • What it means to shift from burnout to thriving
  • The connections between inner and outer transformation
  • The language of the body

Memorable Quote

“Rest isn’t something we need to earn”—Laura Hartley

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