Episode #77: You Have The Power To Inspire A Revolution with LeeAnn Mallorie

You Have The Power To Inspire A Revolution

Our guest on the podcast this week is LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO of Guts & Grace Leadership and founder of the Meme Project, Sustainability Summit. LeeAnn began her career as an executive coach at 26 years old, working with leaders and top teams from around the globe. Yet she soon found something was missing – the body. She now helps leaders combat burnout and align with purpose by bridging the gap between the hard-driving, logical mind and the deeper wisdom of the soul. Her book, Guts & Grace, offers an unexpected doorway to greater power, ethics, influence, and impact at work.

Today we’re going to be talking about shaping the future of our world in more intentional ways, as leaders begin to embrace regenerative leadership. LeeAnn shares her own real-life experiences with leaders, the challenges and the opportunities that are alive at this moment in time, and how we’re all coping. We talk about this time of disruption and the potential of business to change our world. LeeAnn shares an important insight, how those of us without positional authority might actually be the ones who can bring forward the most effective changes to reimagine a different way of doing business. It’s clear we all have a role to play in shaping our collective future and LeeAnn helps us understand how…

Listen in as we talk through the natural evolution of LeeAnn’s work, including how we can elevate our personal leadership to evolve the collective towards something new. How we can begin to see our lives as a critical part of the whole, to transcend and include our individual perspective. She asks the question "How can we create more life for everyone?” Change can be hard especially when it needs to happen at the level of identity, understanding the risk and making the case for systemic change can be a challenge. LeeAnn shares how some of her leadership clients are navigating and making the business case for inspiring regenerative change.

“You are the one you have been waiting for”. LeeAnn has also begun to bring changemakers together under the “Meme project” bringing together a powerhouse group of world-shapers to collaborate, co-create and support each other while doing this deeply transformational work. She is building a powerful network to help changemakers amplify the ripple of change and its ultimate impact.

If you have ever had the sense there is more you could be doing to make even small changes that would benefit your organization, life and business then I encourage you to listen to this deeply resonant dialogue for insights. I suspect you’ll enjoy LeeAnn's perspective on how we can each make a difference. I suspect you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • LeeAnn’s unique perspective on these soul-making times
  • Making the business case for regenerative change
  • How to build your capacity as a leader to reimagine business and inspire regenerative change
  • What it means to shift from sustainability to regeneration; our roles and responsibilities
  • The connections between deep inner change and outer systemic transformation

Memorable Quote

When we become more authentic, more of who we actually are… perhaps that is the key to what our true and deepest impact could be?”—LeeAnn Mallorie

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