Episode 83The Energetics Of Self Care with Alx Utterman

The Energetics Of Self Care with Alx Utterman

Our guest on the podcast this week is Alx Utterman. She brings her decades’ worth of experience as a global spiritual inspirational healing leader to help others walk in wellness and be of more help to those around them. Her special focus during the COVID pandemic has been sharing simple, practical, radical self-care tools that dissolve stress, overwhelm, and anxiety on the spot - preventing the build-up to burnout among healthcare workers & anyone in the helping/healing/service occupations She spent many years living & training intensively in South India, the origin of these powerful, effective tools.

Today Alx shares her own unique life journey that led her from being a journalist in Silicon Valley to unexpectedly taking a spiritual turn to study in an Ashram in India for many years. Her insights from this time have shaped her life and her work. Alx speaks with an embodied wisdom about how suffering is built into the fabric of a human being and the challenges and opportunities this presents for every one of us.

Listen in as Alx shares the number one worst disease affecting us right now both collectively and individually. Discover how living through these turbulent times is affecting so many of us, especially empaths, and how we can use the energetics of self-care to dissolve negative energy charges from our physical body to keep our energy healthy and in flow, avoiding burnout. Alx shares how spirituality can also be immensely practical, with tools we can use in our everyday lives to inspire our well-being and keep us from creating “inner war zones”.

If you feel overwhelmed in any part of your day, especially if you recognize yourself as an empath then I encourage you to listen to this deep energetic dialogue for insights. I suspect you’ll enjoy Alx's perspective on what needs to happen for us all to embrace the energetics of self-care. I suspect you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • Alx’s life journey has brought her to help us understand what it means to truly thrive in today’s world.
  • Learning to navigate these turbulent times
  • How to dissolve negative energy charges with a simple, everyday technique
  • What it means to create “inner war zones”
  • How spirituality can be immensely practical giving us the tools to combat the stresses of life

Memorable Quote

“How long how far do you want to keep relying on other people outside yourself to handle your own energy system? Each of us has a profound healer inside… we desperately need to reconnect to that healer”—Alx Utterman

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