Episode 91 : Becoming A Changemaker From Within with Simon Severino

Becoming A Changemaker From Within with Simon Severino

Our guest on the podcast this week is Simon Severino, CEO of Strategy Sprints and Host of the Strategy Sprints podcast. He has interviewed powerhouse entrepreneurs like Rita McGrath, David Allen, Nir Eyal, Perry Marshall, Verne Harnish, Brian Kurtz, and hundreds more on business, productivity, and growth. He helps business owners in SaaS and Services run their companies more effectively which results in sales that soar. He created the Strategy Sprints™ Method that doubles revenue in 90 days by getting owners out of the weeds. Simon leads a global team of Certified Strategy Sprints™ Coaches that help clients gain market share and work in weekly sprints which results in fast execution. His team is trusted by Google, Consilience Ventures, Roche, Amgen, AbbVie, and hundreds of frontier teams. He is a TEDx speaker and has appeared on over 500 podcasts. He writes for Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine about scaling digital businesses.

Today Simon talks about his passion for ‘aliveness’ in business, how important our energy is to how we show up to our work, and how creating sacred space is the key to winning teams. As he says, twenty years ago he fell in love with business, how we can start and enter the market, and how to win in business, whatever your interpretation of that is. Although he is undoubtedly a systems guy, he talks freely about energy and the frequency of potential and vibration - how a business needs to inspire people to feel more alive and how his simple methods get incredible results for his clients.

Listen in as Simon shares some important yet simple perspectives on how you as a changemaker can fulfill your potential in business while also enjoying the journey and having a life. We discuss the ‘sacred’ and how the best performing teams create sacred space, how words have energy, and the potential to shift people’s mindsets when you use the correct ways to connect to people’s emotions. And I loved it when Simon took a stand against using words like “leads’ as he says they are not leads they are interested people so don’t dehumanize them in your copy or approach.

If you would like some tangible insights about how you can get better at business in ways that will make you feel alive, then I think you will gain some great insights from Simon that will inspire you to perhaps think a little differently about your current approach. I suspect you’ll enjoy Simon's unique perspective on the energetic exchange of business and the truth and freedom that is just waiting for you to claim it. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • The simple approach to doubling your revenue in just 90 days with strategy sprints
  • How’s not about the money, it’s about the aliveness
  • What simple steps you can take to grow your business in meaningful ways (and it’s not the usual hot air we often hear!)
  • How business is an energetic exchange of understanding, love, and deeply caring for others
  • How to find your ‘sacred’ - your way of doing business, your way of selling and marketing so it feels good.

Memorable Quote

Most people have a very complicated approach to business and we keep it simple and direct. It’s based on 2 very simple things, truth, and freedom. There are just 3 numbers to track, 3 goals, and maximum freedom in how people get there. It’s not that hard.” Simon Severino

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