July 31

A Change Is As Good As A Rest!

It was Saturday morning talking to my son Jakob, when I noticed my mother’s words coming out of my mouth “A Change is as good as a rest” I said to him. It was a shocking reminder that even after multiple decades of personal, professional and spiritual development, I am not always in charge of my words, (even though I might like to think I am). There are some phrases that have been with me since childhood that continue to shape my life in unseen ways. These words in particular made me smile, and I found myself getting curious about whether this long forgotten phrase was responsible for my almost thirty year professional career in the change industry. 

There’s no doubt about it, I LOVE the energy of change. I love that moment when I find myself on the precipice of a big change, they type of change where I know that whatever decision I make has the potential to change my life. That space where I am still trying to figure things out in my head and yet intuitively I already know what I’m going to do, it’s just a case of making my ego feel safe enough to move into action! 

If tiny shifts can lead to a huge life transformation, which I have seen many times in my work as a coach then I find myself wondering what huge world shifts will do, particularly the ones we are all living through right now. I wonder if these times are an invitation to us all to create positive change both individually and collectively. And I know that “forced” changes always carry with them the most stress with the potential to derail your life, business or career. So how do we make sense of these enormous, unprecedented changes as we turn and face our new emerging reality with all it’s messiness?

My only advice is to be intentional about the narrative you tell yourself and choose a story that is empowering not one that leaves you frazzled and stressed out. Whatever changes you are facing, there are always creative and innovative ways to take back control.

Remember you are more prepared than most….

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