June 19

Ask the Coach with Anna Stephanie Munoz

Ask The Coach with Anna Stephanie Munoz


I have a young child and I am wondering if I am ready to go back to building my business. I don’t want to miss out on these precious early stages of life, but I do want to make a difference and I’d like to make some money. How will I know if I am ready to go back? What advice do you have if I do decide to go back, so I can juggle everything well? - Name supplied


Thanks for your question! Believe me YOU are not alone... We are a few hundred of women around the world questioning how to deal with it all... It´s a tough question and also a very deep one. I won´t get into my story of how I was finally able to define it, but here are some questions that you need to answer for yourself before taking any decision: 

  • Am I ready to go back to build my business?
  • Will I feel guilt or regret spending time of the day to build my business?
  • Why do I want to go back to build my business besides making money? 

If you feel you are ready and wont regret it or feel guilty to do so, you might be ready. And if you have other reasons besides making money to build your business, then you are 100% ready! If you feel you are still not ready, and believe me, that is okay, sometimes we try to convince ourselves we are ready, but deep down we know it's still not the right time. So, have a deep conversation with yourself about it and decide. If you decide you are NOT ready then you should prepare yourself to be ready. This is the plan I recommend you to do:

  1. Define a timeline of how long will it take you to be ready (trust me, this can change and it's important to be flexible about it)
  2. What are the things you need to work on so you wont have regrets or feel guilty going back to build your business
  3. Work on your relationship with money and how your business is more than making an income.
  4. If you decide you ARE ready, this is the plan I recommend you to follow:

    1. How many hours daily/weekly can I dedicate (realistically speaking) to building my business? In this regard it´s important to be very flexible and you need to start trying until you adjust to the number of hours that make sense to you. Being this said, it can be that the growth of your business goes slower than expected and you need to make peace with it if you want to combine the hours dedicated to your child and work.
    2. Define the goals and strategy you will work on for the coming year. Evaluate if the goals are realistic to your current reality and adjust as necessary.
    3. If there are things in your business that you don't know how to do or how to build, look for help. Either hire an expert (delegate) or look for a Coach with that specific expertise, who could guide you to achieve it.
    4. And move forward without looking back! When you are ready it´s amazing how the doors start to open up everywhere!!! 

    Don’t force anything... Believe me, when the time is right you will know it... You will have all the signs pointing you to the right direction.

Anna Stephanie Munoz is a Guatemalan Stress Management and Transformational Coach. Her company, Excede tu potencial (Exceed your potential, based in Guatemala), specializes in supporting companies minimizing the effects of the invisible enemy of stress. She also helps successful professionals to release their inner mental jail 

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