​​​​Awakening the Changemaker Within | Day 3

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver


Do you remember the sun-drenched days of childhood when the world seemed to be a magical place? When playing in a woodland stream, or chasing friends across a garden lawn filled you with joy? Perhaps you believed in angels and fairies, or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - and the world seemed to be a place of unicorns and miracles? Where did that magic go?

Somewhere along the path of our lives, the magic got lost. Our ability to wander through the days of our lives, to be happy for no reason, to dream the impossible dream was buried beneath demands and routines, rationality and cynicism. Our lives changed, and what was once magical became humdrum and ordinary, and at worst, full of struggle just trying to  get ourselves through yet another day.

The trouble is we have been brainwashed. At school we learned a materialist world view; that we are living in a mechanical universe, where our lives are merely a random accident, and we grow up to become cogs in a mundane world machine leading meaningless lives, battling against the brutal forces of nature. 

Whatever doesn’t fit into this materialist world view - the mind, consciousness, soul, spirit, intuition, love, wisdom, faith, inspiration, creativity, myth, religion, art, ethics, feelings, destiny, energy, resonance, psychic experiences, the magical and mystical - has been declared irrelevant, nonsensical, and quite clearly less than the solid objects in the physical world. And in the process, we have been deprived of our very humanity, we have lost our souls.

We have created solid walls, solid things, solid boundaries, solid lives.
We think it of value if it matters.
Matter is where we put our trust, not motion or the spirit of life 

- Miller Mair

However, science is changing. Our vision of reality is currently undergoing a transformation so profound, so life-changing it is as if everything we thought we knew about the world has shifted. Quantum physics and relativity is transforming Newton’s orderly universe into a murky chaos. Our common sense reality turns out to be a cosy illusion and the world does not exist “out there” as we have fondly imagined. 

When we look closer at solid objects we do not see tiny but separate particles, but rather an interlocking web of energy fields. Solid objects have more space than matter. At the quantum level everything is interconnected, everything is an interwoven pattern of dancing energy, of light.

What is perhaps more shocking is that quantum physics has shown that consciousness plays a crucial role in physical reality. There are no observers in our world, only participants in an ever evolving, conscious universe.

Collectively, we are taking a quantum leap in consciousness, a leap towards rediscovering our connectedness and power; a leap towards inner wisdom and power; a leap towards awareness of other dimensions of reality; and a leap towards a breathtaking new perspective on our everyday lives. The implications for humanity as a whole are nothing short of astonishing.

The truth is we are responsible for our world, personally and globally. We are being urged to act, to love, to care, to realize our personal and global visions for the future. Social apathy and indifference have no place in our emergent thinking. As soon as we are aware of a problem, we become part of the problem - and we can choose to take loving and responsible action or not.

We live in critical times, across the world things are shaking up and breaking down, we are surrounded by profound problems and intensifying conflicts affecting both the planet and society. There is a growing collective trauma arising from the global pandemic, that originated at a time of planetary destruction and the mistrust of our political, religious and business leaders. The scope, size and complexity of the problems now facing our humanity means that no one person or single idea can save us.

Is this the world you want to live in?

I hope it’s not. I hope you want to live in a better world, with greater prosperity that is available to all; where people live lives of meaning that inspire the human spirit; where business is a force for good; where everyone is welcome; poverty is eradicated and everyone is valued for the contribution they bring. 

A world with social structures that support the less fortunate, that inspires its youth, teaching them that we have the capacity to create a world that is capable of preserving the integrity of all life. That when we work together we can develop solutions to all of our problems, when we work for the good of all, and not just our own narrow self interests.

There is a new world that is wanting to emerge through us, to be consciously co-created with us. Right now we are in a big, scary, impossible-feeling situation that requires more than just you. It requires a deep, abiding trust in something greater, something greater than you, something greater than us. It is the human spirit of life itself, we are being asked to realign ourselves with something greater than our own personal safety and survival. 

There is something within us that longs to give itself to the greater energy of sustainable life, to play our part. Our hearts know this. Our bodies know this. Our human spirit knows this. Within me, it comes from deep within my body and heart, my soul truth. And this is our sacred invitation as changemakers to facilitate sustainable change and be the guide for ourselves and others during this time. 

You were born for these times. The world needs you. Let’s bring the magic back…



  1. What is your view of life? Do you embrace the invisible as magical or think of it as ungrounded and woo-woo?
  2. What matters most in your life?
  3. What are you creating in your life now? What is your vision for the future?
  4. What changes would you like to take a stand for?
  5. What would you like to stand against


Bring your courage for some radical self-inquiry around your fears and the kind of person you want to become.