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Awakening The Changemaker Within PROGRAM:

A Healing Journey of Self-Trust, Impact And Legacy

Are you ready to be the coach the world needs?

Prepare for a new era of business. From inner clarity to outward success, this is your blueprint to inspire trust, impact and purpose-driven profits.

Why become a Sacred Changemaker?

Every changemaker embarks on a journey. Some wander aimlessly, while others, like you, seek a roadmap to truly make an impact. Awakening The Changemaker Within isn't just a course; it's a deeply transformational journey that aligns your inner purpose with your outward actions, propelling you towards unparalleled freedom in both life and business.

Enroll now and receive:

  • Awakening The Changemaker Within - A Healing Journey of Self-Trust, Impact And Legacy ($997 value)
  • 21 Day Energy Cleanse A Toolkit To Activate And Cleanse Your Energy ($35 Value)
  • Soul Sanctuary Guided Meditations and Sacred Rituals To Develop Your Spiritual Practice ($497 Value)
  • The Wisdom Of The Elders Audio Program: A client favorite! Sacred Guidance And Messages Channeled By Jayne ($997 Value)
  • Super Soul Bonus: Live Coaching Labs Monthly Live Coaching And Mentoring With Jayne/Coaches ($997 Value)

Beyond Coaching

You have the passion to change the world, but making a difference isn't easy. Why? Because real impact requires trust — in yourself, your message, and with those you seek to serve. Here's the hard truth: Many skilled coaches struggle to earn a decent living. Passion is key, but without an aligned purpose to build trust, your reach is limited.

Business can be a powerful tool for change. But many are stuck in old ways, missing trust, genuine leadership, and real connection. As coaches, it's our chance to reshape business with heart and purpose.

To stand out and truly make a difference, you need more than just the desire to help. You need a business that resonates and an audience that's eager to listen. Let's go beyond just being coaches. Let's become Sacred Changemakers — the coaches the world truly needs.

How 'Awaken The Changemaker Within' Works:

  • You'll get lifetime access to my best tools, resources, templates, and short video trainings to take you on a deeply transformational inner journey. All you need to do is follow the path to transform your coaching business with a deeply personal purpose-driven impact that your clients will love.
  • "Awaken The Changemaker Within' is 100% online and available from any device. After payment, you’ll receive your login details sent directly to your inbox so you can get started right away.
  • You also have access to a private community of peers where you can ask questions and receive feedback from myself and your fellow students, and live group calls for coaching and mentoring support.

There Are 5 Steps To Expanding Personal Resonance And Self-Trust

Navigating the complex world of coaching can feel overwhelming. But what if there was a clearer path forward? A way that you could build the foundations of trust and bake them into the very core of your leadership and business? This program is going to take you through the 5 steps with clarity and ease


phase 1


Understand and utilize the power of energetic resonance, both in business and life, to create the foundations for authentic connections so you can influence lasting change.


phase 2

Embodied Presence:

Dive deep into the inner workings of your being, aligning your energy, intentions, and actions, to set a resilient foundation for business growth.


phase 3

Purpose-Driven Impact:

Unlock the pathways to a deeper purpose, allowing you to navigate your coaching journey with clarity and intent, and enabling you to make a meaningful difference in both individual lives and broader communities.


phase 4

Building Trust And Confidence:

Harness the ability to inspire trust, bolstering your confidence as a coach, and fostering deeper, more meaningful relationships with those you guide and mentor.


phase 5

Craft a Legacy Beyond Coaching

By the end, you won’t just see yourself as a coach. You'll recognize the Sacred Changemaker within, equipped and eager to make meaningful changes in our world.

Navigating the complex world of coaching can feel overwhelming. But what if there was a clearer path forward? A way that you could build the foundations of trust and bake them into the very core of your leadership and business? This program is going to take you through the 5 steps with clarity and ease

When you join Awakening The Changemaker Within, You'll Get:

Awakening The Changemaker Within - A Healing Journey of Self-Trust, Impact And Legacy ($997 value)

Do you sense a profound purpose within, ready to reshape your destiny and the world around you? Dive into "Awakening The Changemaker Within", a transformative program tailored for compassionate coaches.

A deeply transformational journey that reconnects you to a profound sense of purpose within, igniting your energy, and getting you ready to reshape your destiny and the world around you. It is about developing your personal resonance and learning to trust yourself at a soul level. This journey isn't just about personal evolution; it's the first step on your roadmap to becoming a Sacred Changemaker.



Embrace Your Sacred Self By Tuning into Your Energy and Essence.
  1. 1
    Discover Your Inner Compass: Tap into the invisible forcefield of energy and harness your personal resonance.
  2. 2
    Explore A New Way Of Being: Learn the activating principles for embodied presence enabling you to show up whole with your unique expression of energy
  3. 3
    Cultivate a Daily Spiritual Practice: Integrate mindful rituals to ground/connect with your soul.

When you understand yourself at a deeper level, an energetic level, when you know how to create resonance within, you can get out of your own way and embrace presence and flow. There’s more room for ease and joy when you expand your sense of self and harness the energy of your field. Inwardly it feels like coming home to yourself, outwardly it looks like presence and confidence.



Awaken to Your Purpose and Power.
  1. 1
    Craft Your Purpose and Listen For Your Soul's Calling: Delve into introspective exercises to craft a purpose statement and messaging that resonates.
  2. 2
    Discover Your Unique Contribution: Define the unique work that allows you to serve at your highest potential
  3. 3
    Heal Your Shadow: Do the work necessary to heal from your past and awaken to higher ground

This is a powerful methodology to reconnect to your essence and clearly define your purpose and contribution to the field. It’s this level of clarity that enables you to communicate effectively with your clients and align with your soul’s emerging calling.

When you align your soul’s purpose with your business, you’ll not only enjoy individual success but also inspire trust and high engagement from your audience, creating signals of trust and authority in your industry that are essential in today’s marketplace to ignite your success.



Amplify Your Impact & Leave a Powerful Legacy.
  1. 1
    Harmonize Your Life and Business Frequencies: Learn strategies to align your personal and professional energies, creating synergy and resonance.
  2. 2
    Design Your Changemaker Blueprint: Craft a cohesive vision, mission, and manifesto that reflects your aspirations, intentions and the impact you wish to make.
  3. 3
    Commit to Greater Impact: Take a pledge to champion positive change and choose how you will create a lasting, meaningful impact on the world with ease and flow.

When you craft a legacy beyond coaching: By the end, you won’t just see yourself as a coach. You'll recognize the Sacred Changemaker within, equipped and eager to make meaningful changes in our world that inspire your clients in more expansive ways.



21 Day Energy Cleanse BOOK. 

The proven 21-day formula to break through your energy blocks and find your flow.

I wrote this for my coaching clients. This is not just a book it’s also a toolkit to activate your energy and help cleanse your field so you feel lighter as you align yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is essential especially if you are an empath. Modern life is complex, we’re all navigating big challenges personally and collectively and this can feel heavy, energetically, unless you know how to cleanse your field and lighten your load so you’re not carrying the negative energy of others.


Soul Sanctuary

A collection of my guided meditations and sacred rituals to help you develop a spiritual practice, to cultivate resonance and presence in everyday life. This is my personal collection and it's so valuable in my life, I think of my soul care as self-care now because without it, I can start to feel tired, overwhelmed, and a little salty and that’s before I even sit at my desk and dive into business. I enjoy reconnecting to my soul and coming home to myself as a reminder of the power of simply showing up intentionally to life, relationships, and business.


The Wisdom Of The Elders audio program.

Profound wisdom of the Sacred Invitation and other powerful, channeled messages from the Elders. This is a client favorite. If you’re new to my work you might not know that I am also an intuitive and psychic channel which I often tap into to support my work. This audio program consists of channeled messages and energy transmissions for changemakers from my spirit guides The Elders. From Birthing A New Era Of Business to The Rise Of The Sacred Human, this is profound guidance to help you bring your real work into the world and be an active part of the solution the world needs now.


Live Coaching Labs

You will be invited to join me and my coaches live to help you get unstuck, break through any challenges that arise, and get your questions answered. There will be 6 months of live coaching and mentoring to help you find your clarity and receive support as you grow.

Let's Expand Your Trust And Resonance With These Valuable Bonuses!


The total dollar value of the Core Program, 21 Day Energy Cleanse Book, Soul Sanctuary, Wisdom Of The Elders and Live Coaching Lab is...

$ 3,523

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You can trust us


Awakening The Changemaker Within Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Resonant Guarantee

Still not sure? Let us make this a little easier for you. We want to make sure you feel capable of building the trust that will make your business dreams come true. That’s why I’m offering you a risk-free 30 days to look inside this program under my “Look-Inside-The-Program” Money Back Guarantee.

If you purchase ‘Awaken The Changemaker Within Program’ and don’t agree that you:

  • Feel more confident in yourself and your ability to resonate
  • Have a clear path to align your purpose and expand your impact
  • Wake up excited to create impact and change lives

And That's Not All, You Also Get To Make A Bigger Impact

When you join 'The Way' you will be sent a QR code via email to select the project that most resonates for you and we'll make the impact on your behalf (and we'll show you how to set this up for your business inside the program).

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in our world.

What Others Are Saying

Jayne is a true thought leader who has helped thousands of coaches across the world with her knowledge, tools, and programs. It was a true pleasure to work with Jayne firsthand and experience her professionalism and dedication to the industry. She has incredible and practical thought leadership. If you are considering working with Jayne, consider no more, speak to her clients and you will have your decision made for you.

Benjamin Croft

Founder, The WBECS Group (acquired by

I have learned so much from these trainings! As a result, I have shifted my coaching business to the next level and DOUBLED my revenue. The high quality of materials, well-structured courses, and the way Jayne presents them inspire me enormously. She gives a lot! I am so excited to reach the next level in my business growth and transformation. Thank you, I am ever so grateful!

Beata Kalamar

Executive Coach & Leadership Developer, Past President of ICF Hungary

When I met Jayne, I instantly knew I wanted to be coached by her. I knew she understood my business at a deeper level than most, and would be able to guide me through areas of unknown I was still learning and exploring. Her wisdom, passion, and unwavering support helped me unearth new ideas that have totally transformed my business and brand. I'm forever grateful for her as a coach and a friend.

Karen M. Allen

Keynote Speaker, Founder of 100% Human.

Each era produces some truly exceptional people and Jayne is clearly one of them. She is not only an extraordinary coach but also an inspiring and visionary thought leader, helping coaches to be successful in their business and promoting the coaching profession as a powerful force in evolving human consciousness. With her sharp and clear intellect and her ability to connect and energize, she has deeply influenced my way of thinking and being. Particularly, her belief in building on your personal “why” as the foundation of your coaching is very powerful. She pushes you to get out of your comfort zone, grow your authentic self, and do this in a way that is beneficial for you, your clients, and the planet. I can wholeheartedly recommend her!

Frank Uit De Weerd

Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Executive & Team Coach

When I retired from a great 38 year career at IBM to become a full-time entrepreneur almost 10 years ago, I knew it would be a new adventure. Building a company from the ground up has been my biggest challenge and greatest joy! My good fortune after being in business for about 4 years was to meet Jayne Warrilow. Jayne has helped me gain clarity about the systems I needed to create to scale my business to the next level. She speaks from her experience of building successful businesses in 2 countries which says volumes about her courage to take on new challenges. Most of the coach training I had is great in supporting your growth as a competent coach. Jayne models solid coaching and how to build a solid business as a coach. That is her superpower and her husband Nick is the technical wizard that makes them a triple threat team for success. If you are serious about building a coaching business that lets you do what you love while building a business that creates the freedom to focus on your purpose, you can't go wrong with Jayne as your coach.

Beverly Wright, MCC

CEO Wright Choice Group

Have Questions About The Program?

Below Are Some Common Questions And Answers:

Is this program completely online?

Yes, this program is 100% online and accessible from any tablet, computer, or mobile device.

How many hours per week will I need to devote to this?

I recommend you devote around 1-2 hours per week to successfully follow the core program in a 30 day period. You have lifetime access to the content so you can complete at your own pace.

What are your payment options?

You can get started for just $127. Afterwards, there will be two additional installments of $127 for a total of three payments, and if you pay in full it's just one payment of $297 saving you $84.

What's the refund policy?

I’m offering you a risk-free 30 days to look inside this program. If you don’t love it, email me and I will refund you 100% of your money and we can still be friends.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi. I'm Jayne.

Over the past 25 years I've had the pleasure of working with more than 3000 clients across 30+ industries helping them to reimagine business generating millions of dollars of sales while making a meaningful impact in our world.

I'm also the host of the Sacred Changemakers podcast interviewing thought leaders at the top of their game to help us all navigate this new era of business and build a better, more resonant future for us all.

Originally from the U.K. I currently live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband and 2 adult children (no longer at home but nearby). I also have a daughter, son-in-law and 2 lovely granddaughters in California who I visit often.

I want you to know this is part of my legacy work, which includes the BEST of my trainings to date. Thank you for coming into my world by being part of this life-changing program!

Let's Help You Build Your Foundation Of Trust!

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