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From the beginning of time to our last New Year’s resolution, change has always been a part of who we are. Change is, and always has been, necessary to life itself. 

As we deal with the coronavirus pandemic, across the world, in the hearts and minds of ordinary people, the need for change is growing. Not just any change, but change for the greater good. Change that makes us all better. Sustainable, restorative and regenerative change.

Because of this, Sacred Changemakers is making possible something we’ve never done before. For the first time ever, we are opening our doors to build community, and support the changes our world needs now. 

You can join our community by going to our private Facebook group. 

Make new friends and get access to supportive resources that can help you navigate these challenging times.

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The world needs you. Expand your awareness, clarify your purpose and make a meaningful impact while the rest of the world is on pause.

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We facilitate you to expand and deepen your connections to yourself, to others and to the things that matter most right now.

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What makes this community so special?


Your purpose begins within and your own soul’s calling, how that is expressed in your professional career or business and finally how that connects to what the world needs. We help you to build a bridge between what you want and what the world needs.


We facilitate you to expand and deepen your connections to yourself, to others and to the things that matter most right now. No matter where you live, you can connect with the most amazing, compassionate and transformational people on the planet, from transformational thought leaders to ordinary humans, we are a growing network of people who care about the future of our world.


We give you access to resources that support your personal and professional transformation and ultimately help you connect what you want for your own life, with what the world needs.


Join collaborative conversations, co-create projects and pro-actively contribute to a better world for all facilitating regenerative change and raising consciousness. Together, we are facilitating the evolution of humanity in innovative ways.


Boost Your Changemaking Skills

Get access to the personal and professional resources you need to shape a better future for yourself, your loved ones and the generations to come.

why we do it

Make a bigger impact

We’ve built impact into the core of what we do. We give you multiple opportunities to make an impact by simply learning and engaging with us. We’re not fundraising, we’ve built IMPACT into the core of what we do , so you get to create a bigger impact just by being a member.

We are totally transparent with our giving, you can see our collective impact, updated in real-time on our website and every month we take you behind the scenes with the projects we are currently supporting. This way you get to make a bigger difference and so do we.

What's my investment?
Just time...

  • Unsustainable change is already costing us a great deal, from climate change to inequality - but what is it costing you? 
  • How many opportunities are you missing out on because you don’t have the right connections? 
  • How confused are you about what you want and how that connects to what the world needs?
  • How many nights are you losing sleep worrying about your life, business or the world?
  • Do you understand how to balance taking care of yourself and your family whilst also making a meaningful impact in the world?
  • Are you tired of wanting to connect your profession with a deeper impact but just feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

"We are not just helping you to transform your life, we are paving the way, redefining the life and business experience for our world and future generations."
- Jayne Warrilow 


What our members say

AL SPicer 

CEO & Founder, Extraordinary Life

The Sacred Invitation stirred my Soul at the deepest levels. A rush of inspiration, aliveness, and clarity overcame me. This is Truth, that was made instantly available in such clear, simple, and activating terms. For me it was the definition of experiencing a ‘calling.’ It is truly sacred wisdom that is calling me forth.

Claudia lindby

High Performance Leadership

The Sacred Invitation is like a thousand voices speaking, rising from the deep essence and the depth of time, calling me back to what I know I already knew. We are already walking this path. In the invitation, I hear how past, present, and future become one and thus open a space for us in which great and necessary solutions can arise.

Join now, it will not cost you a penny to be a Sacred Changemaker