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Sacred Changemakers Inner Circle: Join Our Exclusive Community of Inspiring Changemakers

You're not alone in changing the world. Join us in community because together, we can.





We Are The Changemakers

From the beginning of time to our last New Year’s resolution, change has always been a part of who we are. Change is, and always has been, necessary to life itself. Across the world, in the hearts and minds of ordinary people, the need for change is growing. Not just any change, but change for the greater good. Change that makes us all better. Sustainable, restorative and regenerative change. Because of this, we are opening our doors to build community, and support the changemakers who are the guides, inspiring a deeper purpose through their business, helping to do the deep work and transformation that our world needs now.

We are a deeply conscious community positioned at the intersection of business, soul and technology.

Who you surround yourself with matters. This is especially true for changemakers.

If you’re looking for a different kind of network, one that helps you stay connected to soul while also growing your business, you might be a good fit for our Sacred Changemakers Inner Circle. We are a carefully curated, collaborative community of trust where we share, learn, and grow together. Conscious and collaborative, we explore ways that help each of us grow.

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Connect with your fellow changemakers and make a difference together

What makes this community so special?


Your purpose begins within and your own soul’s calling, how the sacred is expressed in your professional career or business, and finally how that connects to what the world needs. We help you to embrace the sacred, find greater fulfillment in life and bridge between what you want and what your clients and the world needs.

Social Impact

Join collaborative conversations, co-create projects and pro-actively contribute to a better world for all by facilitating regenerative change and raising consciousness. You engage and learn, we give to worthy projects on your behalf. Together, we are facilitating the evolution of humanity in innovative ways.


We facilitate you to expand and deepen your connections to yourself, to others and to the things that matter most right now. No matter where you live, you can connect with the most amazing, compassionate and transformational people on the planet, from transformational thought leaders to ordinary humans, we are a growing global network of people who truly care about the future of our world.


We share our lived experiences to help you breakthrough the challenges of doing this complex work. We value honesty and intimacy, giving you access to top thought leaders in our live masterclasses that support your growth, and ultimately keep you on your soul's path. We inspire you to take a stand and lead with what matters most to you.

"We are not just helping you to transform your life, we are paving the way, redefining the life and business experience for our world and future generations."



What Our Clients Have To Say

"If you want a profitable business… Jayne is a great coach to come to"

Angela Nesbitt

"I had all the support I needed to build a successful coaching business"

Crina Ancuta

"We knew that she (Jayne) had something different"

Judy Shaw

"…matters of the Soul, where spirituality intersects business and how we effectuate change"

Lynn Rousseau

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