May 1

Embracing The Unknown

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By Jayne Warrilow

During the last few weeks I have found myself thinking a lot about uncertainty and how it has always been and will always be there in our lives, and yet more recently it feels as though we have pierced the illusion of certainty in life, and as a consequence we are turning and facing reality with a more nuanced understanding of uncertainty.

I notice how my relationship with uncertainty is changing, instead of it being about liberation from pain and difficulty, I find myself embracing uncertainty in a way that can feel hard yet courageous. It comes from a deep commitment to my more feminine energy which is more receptive, allowing  my life to literally show me the way. This is my daily practice.

As we move through these uncertain times, we need to realize that embracing uncertainty takes time. In times of profound uncertainty it is tempting to want to act quickly. We can often find “not knowing” to be an incredibly painful experience as we try to move away and resolve the situation as quickly as possible. But if we embrace uncertainty we are preparing to be in right relationship with the situation, to think

about it for as long as it takes, to make sure we’ve seen it from all angles and that the conscious response we have come up with is that which is most ethical and compassionate under the circumstances, and for all involved. We need to refrain from reacting, however tempting it may be to do so. And I get that this can be quite a socially radical thing to do in our cultural context of quick fixes and immediate responses, especially as you might need to say “I don’t know yet, let me get back to you”. Ultimately, I do see this practice as a commitment to act in the most thoughtful and caring way possible having given ourselves time to truly consider the situation fully.

So this month, I’m embracing the unknown, allowing myself the space to contemplate it from different angles so it can begin to guide me in my life and business. However there is one thing I am certain about, and that’s the amazing content we have lined up for you this month - enjoy!

With so much love,

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