Sacred Circle Gathering

Reconnect to what matters most, find sanctuary within, and explore a deeper sense of purpose for yourself in life and business.

Live Gathering • Tuesday September  1 • 2pm EDT

6 Reasons Why You Might Want To Join Us

  • Feeling Overwhelmed: Coronavirus has literally shut down our personal and professional lives, much of the world economy is in standstill. During this time we encourage you to take a deep breathe and slow down to create an authentic, meaningful, and connected response to what is happening, right now. 
  • Low Energy: Yes, life can be exhausting, and it's difficult to keep moving forward when you don’t understand your purpose or your deeper why.
  • Reconnecting To What Matters Most: It’s so easy to lose yourself in the madness of the world right now, to lose focus and perspective. Sometimes we need to take a breath, journey within and remind ourselves of what matters most.
  • Stay Connected: As many of us are forced to stay inside and practice social distancing, our connections to ourselves and others have become even more important. Being in community can help to allay your fears so you can navigate these times with ease and grace, despite the uncertainties.
  • Deeper Purpose: You were born for these times, the world needs you. Find out if you have a sacred calling to expand your awareness, clarify your purpose and make a meaningful impact while the rest of the world is on pause.
  • Sanctuary: Right now we all need a little freedom for our soul, a place where we can simply be guided on a soul-deep journey, in conscious community with others.

(Zoom needs a first and last name to register you for the Gathering)

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