May 29

Honoring the Sacred

You may have seen on Facebook the UK’s new national hero, Captain Tom Moore. He’s one of those rare people who served in the Second World War and is now living through the coronavirus epidemic. He decided to pace up and down his back garden every day to complete 100 laps, just before his 100th birthday on 30 April - to raise money for the NHS. When I last looked he had raised over $28 million which is a staggering amount!

“They’re all so brave,” he said “Because every morning or every night they’re putting themselves in harms way”. Honestly, the fact that someone who has had a front row seat for the horrors of war could have such empathy for healthcare’s frontline workers is quite something. He is embracing the human spirit in a very resonant way, perhaps it is something we can all learn from?

Our current crisis is not the same kind of violent war that generations before us endured, but it is nonetheless a very real trauma, which is affecting many families in personal ways around the globe, and touching all our lives in one way or another. Thousands have lost their lives and we don’t yet know what the full physical, emotional and financial cost of it all will be. 

At the time of writing, countries around the world are preparing to ease COVID-19 restrictions and many of us are confused with the mixed messages  currently circulating about what we should and shouldn’t do going forward. 

In the midst of all this I want to remind you of the resilience we have to get through the tough times (look what people like Captain Tom are doing). If you ever feel unsure about what to do, just go within and listen deeply to what wants to emerge. Honor your life as though it were sacred (because it is), honor the lives of others, and make your decision from that still, deep, sacred place inside. We have what it takes to come through this and when we honor the sacred in all life, and use it as our North Star, I don’t think we’ll stray too far from the truth…

With so much love,

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