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Unlocking Your Next Level Of Impact

Our proven path to success is based on the belief that business starts from the inside-out, with your unique strengths and purpose as the foundation for everything you do.

We know your coaching clients are now demanding a more awakened approach to business, which is why our programs are designed to guide you on a deeply transformational learning journey. This journey will not only optimize your personal resonance by aligning your unique strengths and purpose, but will also help you build relationship resonance and position you as the #1 Trusted Authority in your field. You'll also learn how to build a powerful ecosystem of programs and services that create multiple income streams and extraordinary results for your clients, ensuring your business resonates too.

When you have all three pillars of personal, relationship, and business resonance, your flow towards extraordinary success becomes not only possible, it's inevitable.

To find out more about how to unlock your next level of impact watch The Trust Factor Masterclass


Awakening The Changemaker Within - A Healing Journey of Self-Trust, Impact And Legacy

Do you sense a profound purpose within, ready to reshape your destiny and the world around you?

Dive into "Awakening The Changemaker Within", a transformative program tailored for awakening coaches. This journey isn't just about personal growth; it's about becoming a Sacred Changemaker. Explore the magic of energetic resonance, heal your soul, and unlock pathways to profound purpose. It's about harmonizing your life and business, resonating at a higher frequency, and leaving a powerful legacy. Trust yourself, amplify your impact, and create a legacy that resonates.

Become the Sacred Changemaker the world has been waiting for, and help inspire a better, more resonant future for us all.

Explore our Collection of Training Programs and Resources

Virtual Training

Inspiring Deep Trust & Resonance - Crafting Content With Heart, Building Relationships With Soul

Embark on a transformational journey with "Inspiring Deep Trust & Resonance." This program guides you in building deeply resonant connections, transforming your business into a force for good, and clearly communicating your unique value. You’ll craft heartfelt connections with a relevant content strategy, strengthen relationships with resonance, and harness AI to accelerate progress and amplify trust with social proof. It's more than building an audience; it's about igniting a soul-stirring movement. Elevate your brand, nurture soul-deep relationships, and craft content with heart. Opens 2024

The Changemaker's Guide To Business - Pioneering A New Era Of Trusted Purpose, Profit And Impact

Step into the new era of business! This unique program will guide you to design a client-centric, purposeful, and profitable business model. You'll learn to create value-driven pricing, build irresistible offers, and develop an ecosystem of products and services aligned with what your clients really want. This comprehensive training is not just about profit; it's about pioneering a new era of trusted purpose, profit, and impact. Now is the time to elevate your business, amplify your impact, and become a trusted changemaker. Opens 2024


The 10 Day Coaches MBA

Ready to redefine your coaching journey? The 10 Day Coaches MBA unveils the secrets to a thriving coaching business in the digital era. Beyond honing coaching skills, it's about crafting VIP experiences, becoming a trusted authority, and delivering unmatched results. It's a revolutionary guide that reshapes your thinking, empowering you to create a purpose-driven, profitable coaching practice.

An Energy Awakening

An Energy Awakening is designed to inspire you to become more aware, more conscious of yourself and your energy. This book invites you to explore with passion what may be possible for you. It is my profound hope that something within the pages of this book will re-energize you, recharge your spirit and help you to live life a little larger, love with more abandon and ultimately find your way to joy.

The Profitable Coach

Are you a coach struggling to turn your passion into profit? The Profitable Coach breaks through conventional barriers, providing actionable tools and strategies to increase your profitability, break through fears, and enhance productivity. Discover how to attract ideal clients, price your services fairly, and deliver outstanding value, propelling you to the pinnacles of coaching success.


Work with Jayne 1-on-1

Experience the ultimate in personalized growth by working intimately with a world-class coach, delve deeply into your unique strengths/challenges and elevate your business to new heights of income and impact.

I love helping coaches become the #1 Trusted Authority in their niche and take their business to the next level of profitability and impact as a Sacred Changemaker. After 30 years working as a coach and consultant, I still believe coaching to be the most powerful form of human (and business) transformation. I become your coach, business mentor and thought partner giving you an exponential way to get personal clarity, a unique business strategy and a growth plan that will resonate for you and your clients.


Who You Surround Yourself With Matters. This Is Especially True For Changemakers.

If you’re looking for a different kind of network, one that helps you stay connected to soul while also growing your business and impact, you might be a good fit for our Sacred Changemakers Inner Circle. We are a carefully curated, collaborative community of trust where we share, learn, and grow together. Conscious and collaborative, we explore ways that help each of us grow. We're aligned with the United Nations SDG's and we're making a bigger impact, together.

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