June 26

Our Collective Impact: June 2020

Our Collective Impact: June 2020

We are continuing to make progress against our goals, aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and it is so inspiring to see! We have made more contributions to help those in need in our world, choosing projects that help our fellow humans who find themselves in poverty, to survive and lead a better quality of life.


Monthly Members: We have planted 346 trees planted in the Rainforest Reforestation Project

Monthly Campaign: We helped rescue 129 meals for the hungry in the US

Sacred Circle Gathering: We have enabled 230 days of access to clean water for a village in Malawi

Conscious Conversations: We have given 193 children their daily vitamin dose to prevent blindness

Podcast Reviews: We have given 1368 days of seeds to nourish children in Malawi

Content Thursdays: We have made sure that ​Cambodians have 2808 days of access to life saving clean water


We want you to celebrate your part in helping the Sacred Changemakers Community to reach these impacts. The number is inspiring because, together, we are actually making a real difference in the world for people who really need our help; real, tangible help.

A huge thank you to all of you who increased your engagement to not only support each other but also to make a bigger impact along the way.

Let’s keep the momentum going  - can we improve on this next month? I am looking forward to finding out.

And as always if you have any ideas or feedback of how we can do even better then please let us know,

With love,

Jayne and Nick xo

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