August 14

Raise Your Frequency by Jayne Warrilow

Awareness and Sensitivity - words in script text - Sacred Changemakers

Raise Your Frequency
By Jayne Warrilow

Because you are a human being living on the physical planes of existence, your spiritual energy is vulnerable to everything and everyone around you.

A good way to increase your frequency is to notice and be sensitive to it in other people as well as yourself. 

Consider the person who is always positive, looking for that silver lining when things are falling apart around them. 

Or think about the person who is always offering a hand, who teaches others by helping them to understand themselves better. 

They do this naturally, it isn’t forced, it isn’t an act and they aren’t doing it to receive something in return.

People who are like this have high energy levels. They look like they’re glowing, and they’re so full of love, hope and joy that it rubs off on other people around them. It is their true state of being and is not something that they’re forcing on you or seems contrived. 

Once you’re sensitive to how you feel at the higher energy levels, you’ll begin to notice the energies around and within yourself.

People who live in the lower levels always see the negative instead of the positive, the energy is denser here, heavier and more physical. Quite unconsciously, they can try to make you as miserable as they are. They can often bore you to tears with their problems, as they describe recent events which prove they have the worst luck in the world.

If these people would simply pay attention to themselves, these negative qualities would fall away and leave them shining as brightly as any eternal optimist because they too would have raised the energy level from which they are operating. Think about it…what kind of energy are you embracing in your life?

And let me ask you, at the higher frequencies are you aware of spirit? It’s always present, even when you don’t notice it.

As you increase your soul’s energy levels you’ll find that you’re more aware of the invisible energies in the spirit realm, and you may begin to practice the way you connect to and interact with the entities in this dimension. 

The more you learn and understand here, the more you’ll be able to develop your psychic abilities. Some entities aren’t really on the human level of existence, such as spirits, ghosts, guardians, guides, angels, poltergeists and fairies, to name just a few.

Some people are able to hear spirits, some can only see them while others can see, hear, and communicate directly with spirits. The higher your energy frequency, the more connected you’ll be to not only your own abilities but to your capacity to better understand the invisible energies around you and maybe even the entities that are present in different dimensions.

It can take some adjustment as you begin to experience the spirit realm, but in time, it will become second nature.

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