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What Our Clients Have To Say.

Jayne is a true thought leader who has helped thousands of coaches across the world with her knowledge, tools, and programs. It was a true pleasure to work with Jayne firsthand and experience her professionalism and dedication to the industry. She has incredible and practical thought leadership. If you are considering working with Jayne, consider no more, speak to her clients and you will have your decision made for you.

Benjamin Croft

Founder, The WBECS Group (acquired by

I have learned so much from these trainings! As a result, I have shifted my coaching business to the next level and DOUBLED my revenue. The high quality of materials, well-structured courses, and the way Jayne presents them inspire me enormously. She gives a lot! I am so excited to reach the next level in my business growth and transformation. Thank you, I am ever so grateful!

Beata Kalamar

Executive Coach & Leadership Developer, Past President of ICF Hungary

When I met Jayne, I instantly knew I wanted to be coached by her. I knew she understood my business at a deeper level than most, and would be able to guide me through areas of unknown I was still learning and exploring. Her wisdom, passion, and unwavering support helped me unearth new ideas that have totally transformed my business and brand. I'm forever grateful for her as a coach and a friend.

Karen M. Allen

Keynote Speaker, Founder of 100% Human.

Each era produces some truly exceptional people and Jayne is clearly one of them. She is not only an extraordinary coach but also an inspiring and visionary thought leader, helping coaches to be successful in their business and promoting the coaching profession as a powerful force in evolving human consciousness. With her sharp and clear intellect and her ability to connect and energize, she has deeply influenced my way of thinking and being. Particularly, her belief in building on your personal “why” as the foundation of your coaching is very powerful. She pushes you to get out of your comfort zone, grow your authentic self, and do this in a way that is beneficial for you, your clients, and the planet. I can wholeheartedly recommend her!

Frank Uit De Weerd

Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Executive & Team Coach

When I retired from a great 38 year career at IBM to become a full-time entrepreneur almost 10 years ago, I knew it would be a new adventure. Building a company from the ground up has been my biggest challenge and greatest joy! My good fortune after being in business for about 4 years was to meet Jayne Warrilow. Jayne has helped me gain clarity about the systems I needed to create to scale my business to the next level. She speaks from her experience of building successful businesses in 2 countries which says volumes about her courage to take on new challenges. Most of the coach training I had is great in supporting your growth as a competent coach. Jayne models solid coaching and how to build a solid business as a coach. That is her superpower and her husband Nick is the technical wizard that makes them a triple threat team for success. If you are serious about building a coaching business that lets you do what you love while building a business that creates the freedom to focus on your purpose, you can't go wrong with Jayne as your coach.

Beverly Wright, MCC

CEO Wright Choice Group

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