October 2

The Power Of Healing by Jayne Warrilow

The Power Of Healing
By Jayne Warrilow

We’re all dealing with trauma right now in one way or another given the state of our world right now… and as I write these words my mother’s voice enters my thoughts “We’re in a right state!”, and she doesn’t mean a good state she means everything is feeling messy and chaotic. Yes we are.

According to experts, there are two distinct ways we deal with trauma, under-responding or over-responding which is why some of us hibernated during lockdown, while others went into overdrive. 

As soon as the crisis hit earlier this year, I forgot about balance in my life, I started 2 new client projects, began writing a new book, and a new program for Sacred Changemakers, and updating one of my most successful training programs ‘Energetic Intelligence’ and turning it into a certification program. I even began cooking every night for my daughter and her husband, so she could train for ultra-marathons after work. Yeah, crazy right? 

Two months later I realized I was simply  throwing myself into work, keeping me super busy (as if I’m ever NOT busy! LOL) 

trying to make sure that I didn’t have to feel my own fears and anxiety. And this is not something new, it’s a pattern I know well. It gave me pause to think about how I want to spend my time and what is most important, while also taking care of myself.

I have spent the summer talking to myself, to discover what matters most to me now, only to realize that my life wants healing. It’s been interesting to listen to my body, then watch my life for signs to see what it wants from me (if you’ve been to any of our Sacred Circle Gatherings you’ll know what I mean). When I gave myself time to notice, to listen, to tune in, my life started showing me the way. The beauty of empty streets after the storm had passed through, showed me I don’t need to fill every moment of my day with stuff, silence is healing; the forest trails invite me to bathe in their energy to replenish my soul. I think we’re all being called to heal what lies within us, to heal our world. I hope this month’s magazine helps you to do just that!

Sending you lots of healing energy and love xo

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