September 11

What Would Love Do? with Star Ladin

What Would Love Do?
By Star Ladin

I have always been fascinated with virtues and non-virtues. Intuitively, I sense that for every virtuous character trait, there is an opposing non-virtue, a shadow side that we all experience when triggered by someone or something reminding us of a past trauma. For instance, compassion has as its shadows; selfishness and indifference. Forgiveness is the antidote to spitefulness, self-loathing and so on.

I wanted tools that would pause the pain long enough to transform it into something valuable. 

I kept coming back to the word love. 

Those four letters that shift between the world of nouns and verbs, was the answer every time. I started a habit of asking love what to do. I literally said in my mind, “What would love do?”.

Every virtue I wanted to practice came into focus when I realized this profound connection.

The results were remarkable. I witnessed love in action bringing joy to people around me. As I reminded myself to practice self-love, I was capable of shifting self-doubt into the pursuit of my soul's calling without judgment. I found myself having more compassion as I lead from a place of love. I had more patience, (a virtue), and driving on a busy freeway transformed from an annoyance to an opportunity to love all those around me and see their humanity.

I have learned that love as a verb is a practice that takes focus, determination and work and love will change the world.

Cliché as it may seem, I have seen evidence of love shifting a negative situation into a learning and focusing chaos into serenity. The act of loving myself and others heals painful memories and shifts perspective until I find myself in a peaceful state of existence. So, this seemingly cliché declaration, love will change the world, drives my life’s work and leads me to finding practical and fun ways to share more love in my everyday life. With this profound download came the calling to share love with the world to raise everyone's ability to make virtuous loving choices. One of my affirmations has been, “give what you need”, and I need more love, I believe we all do. 

I am extremely serious about this work, and yet, those who know me will tell you if it’s not fun It won’t hold my attention. I started painting in watercolor, oodles of colorful hearts, until my kitchen table was overflowing with vibrant images of love. A cascade of ideas poured through me, as if it already existed and I was merely a channel. I created a deck of cards called, “Star’s what would love do?”. I visualized a 64-card deck and guidebook without knowing anything about creating a product. I paired a virtuous loving word or phrase with a watercolor heart and the deck was born! There is nothing more incredible than the fact that I get to make all the love in my heart, a tangible gift for all to hold and share. I have been giving “card readings” to my community and delight in the miraculous connections people make, using the messages from the cards to shift any challenge. It really works, even on California freeways. 

Wishing you all the love your heart may hold, 


Star is the founder of Star-preneur Inc. Everything that Star Ladin has created in her life, including running a full service ad agency, creating and publishing her own magazine "Star Lee Magazine", hosting an invitation only women's entrepreneur group called Star-Preneurs, and parenting, led her to her soul's calling, writing and meditating on the healing trans-formative power of love.

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